Drone Inspection

Drone Inspection

Home inspection in Montreal and the region

Call Inspecta-PRO for the inspection of your home in Montreal. Our company is distinguished by its innovative and personalized inspection services, performed by a building technologist. Choose Inspecta-PRO to commit to a real estate investment with peace of mind.

Thanks to us, you will have a perfect knowledge of the residence you wish to buy or sell. We will inform you in particular of imperfections likely to devalue the price of your home or to present a security risk, but also of the improvements to be considered before putting your home on the market. We can also help you with claims against contractors. Our mission is to protect your investment and maximize its value.

Drone service for the sale of prestigious homes in Montreal and surroundings

Before the sale of your prestigious home in Montreal and surroundings, have your home inspected by Inspecta-PRO. Our drone service will be able to propel the marketing of your home or your building. This solution is fast, economical, and secure. Thanks to this advanced technology, you will be able to have complete knowledge of your property, even a very large one. It is also a way to follow a construction site as part of a real estate project.

Carried out by qualified pilots certified by Transport Canada, each drone intervention allows you to obtain aerial photos, in high definition and at 360 degrees. The drone offers the possibility of performing thermography in order to detect any water infiltration or insulation defects. Contact us now with any questions or to schedule an inspection.